DNA Strand

The GRT Hub provides the following services for checking the quality of DNA and RNA samples.

Please aliquot at least 5ul of sample for up to 2 QC services.

Nanodrop - Core service

  • Nanodrop quantification is commonly used to quantify DNA or RNA using UV absorbance.
  • Instrument: Nanodrop 1000

Qubit Quantification – Core Service

Qubit quantification uses fluorescence dyes that specifically bind to DNA or RNA. Qubit is typically more accurate than quantification by UV absorbance.

Instrument: Qubit 3

Qubit assays offered at GRT Hub:

  • dsDNA High Sensitivity (0.2-100ng)
  • dsDNA Broad (2-1000ng)
  • RNA High Sensitivity (5-100ng).

Agilent Bioanalyzer – Core Service

The bioanalyzer is a small-scale gel electrophoresis system, using a micro-capillary electrophoretic chip.

Instrument: Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

Bioanalyzer assays available at GRT Hub:

  • RNA
    • RNA Pico (0.1-5 ng/uL)
    • RNA Nano (25-500ng/uL)
    • Small RNA
    • DNA
  • DNA
    • High Sensitivity (5-500 pg/uL of DNA fragments between 50-7000bp)
    • DNA 12000 (0.5-50 ng/uL of DNA fragments between 100-12000bp)

Kapa qPCR Quantification – Both Walk-up and Core Service

  • Kapa qPCR is used to quantify Illumina compatible libraries. Accurate quantification of bona fide PCR-competent sequencing templates is crucial for reliable clonal amplification via bridge PCR (bPCR; “cluster amplification”).
  • Instruments: BioRad CFX96, QuantStudio Flex 7

AMPure XP Bead Clean Up – Core Service

  • AMPure XP beads use a multifactorial equilibrium chemistry for binding, washing, and elution to allow for removal of contaminants and undesirable DNA fragments such as adapter dimers.

Corvaris Shearing comment on fragment sizes? – Both Walk-up and Core Service

  • The Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) process is conducted under isothermal conditions to shear DNA and RNA without GC bias or thermal damage.
  • Instrument: Corvaris S220, S-Series Holder microtube-50 Screw-Cap (PN 500492)
  • Consumables available at the core for a fee: microtube-50 AFA Fiber Screw-Cap (PN 520166)

RNA Purification + DNase I Treatment – Core Service

  • For RNA samples with genomic DNA contamination, RNA purification which includes a DNase I treatment can be performed.

Speed Vacuum Concentrator – Core Service

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