DNA Strand

Digital PCR is a technology that provides ultrasensitive nucleic acid detection and absolute quantification. It is highly effective for resolving low abundance targets, such as allelic or structural variants, that are below the level of detection of other platforms.  GRT Hub offers two platforms for digital PCR, the Bio-Rad droplet digital PCR and the ThermoFisher Absolute Q digital PCR.  The Bio-Rad platform partitions the PCR reactions into droplets and the maximum number of PCR reactions is 96.  The Absolute Q platform uses a microfluidic system to partition the PCR reactions on a plate.  The Absolute Q can perform 16 PCR reactions in a run.

To submit samples for Bio-Rad ddPCR, please follow these instructions:

  • Contact Melanie Oakes to schedule an appointment.
  • To plan for your ddPCR assay, please visit the Bio-Rad website, select Products and ddPCR. You will need to bring at least 20uL of your prepared ddPCR reactions in strip tubes or 96 well plate on the day of your scheduled appointment. Additionally, please provide the PCR conditions for your experiment.
  • The GRT Hub will provide the consumables for the workflow on the instruments.

To analyze your ddPCR data, please use the following instructions:

  • The output files will be downloaded onto your usb drive.
  • For registered users on the Bio-Rad website, QX manager software is available for download.
  • The Bio-Rad ddPCR workflow can be performed by the UCI GRT Hub personnel or you can be trained for walk-up use. For walk-up use, scheduling is still required.
  • For additional experimental planning and data analysis assistance, please contact your Bio-Rad Account Manager, April Yu.

To submit samples for ThermoFisher dPCR, please follow these instructions:

  • Contact Melanie Oakes for a training session
  • Purchase the necessary reagents and consumables from ThermoFisher. Marilee Morgan is the account representative that can assist you.
  • For assistance in planning your assay, please contact Juliana Ramos PhD, the Digital PCR Sr. Technical Specialist.
  • After training, you will have access to a google calendar for scheduling and reserving the instrument for your experiment.
  • To analyze your dPCR data, please download the Absolute Q software from ThermoFisher.