DNA Strand

The automated IsoSpark platform, which runs the IsoCode, CodePlex, and Meteor Chips, is an automation platform designed to understand and characterize differences among immune cells. The CodePlex solution is uniquely captures key measures of multiplexed bulk cytokine metrics. IsoCode (Single-Cell Adaptive Immune solution) measures the “functional phenotype” of each immune cell, allowing for complete single-cell functional characterization. Meteor chips on the IsoSpark platform, allow high-throughput, quantitative, and automated bulk proteomics. Each Meteor chip run includes triplicate recombinant standards, enabling on-site quantitative analysis.

The IsoSpark is for walk-up use:

  • Please contact Alexandria Dangerfield (Dangerfield@bruker.com) for assay instructions.
  • Order the appropriate reagents/consumables from Bruker
  • Schedule an appointment to use the system (Melanie Oakes)

The data analysis is performed using IsoSpeak software.  The integrated secondary analysis software processes data to perform functional protein analysis for each sample.