DNA Strand

The Illumina iScan system is a high-throughput array scanner that supports a broad portfolio of genotyping, CNV, and methylation assays. We support all iScan assays except for Infinium XT. There is both Walk-up and Core service available.

Sample submission

  • Please reference the Illumina website for input requirements for your specific protocol. Samples should be quantified using fluorescence dye-based quantification method such as Qubit or PicoGreen and not spectrophotometry-based quantification method like Nanodrop. We also require at least 3 uL of each sample for quality check in addition to the minimum input requirements by Illumina.
  • For methylation assays, samples can be submitted as bisulfite-converted, or we can provide bisulfite conversion for an additional charge. If a bisulfite treated sample is submitted, an untreated control sample must also be submitted.
  • Consumables should be purchased by user and shipped to GRT Hub at UCI, 839 Health Sciences Road, 340 Sprague Hall, Irvine, CA 92697-4035

Data Analysis:  see bioinformatics