The NanoString nCounter is a novel digital read-out technology designed for multiplexed measurement of nucleic acids RNAs with high levels of precision and sensitivity using fluorescent color-coded barcode probes. Extensive menu of pre-built CodeSets is available, as well as custom CodeSets. The nCounter can rapidly and quantitatively detect known target RNAs in a crude extract sample at relatively low cost.

To submit samples for NanoString nCounter, please follow these instructions:

  • For project consultation and advice on premade or custom CodeSet kit, please contact NanoString directly at
  • When you decide on the desired CodeSet, please read the NanoString guidelines and send the inquiry to UCI GRT Hub via email.

The NanoString nCounter is operated by the UCI GRT Hub personnel only.  Twelve samples are analyzed at a time and your nCounter data will be delivered to you via email. For data analysis assistance, please contact your NanoString Field Application Scientist. Alex Woychek, PhD, (