Explore the Next Dimension of Spatial Biology


Explore the Next Dimension of Spatial Biology

Monday 05/06/2024

10:00 to 11:00 a.m. (PT)

Tamkin Student Lecture Building, Room F114

Introducing Plexa, the world’s most powerful 3D in-situ multi-omics analysis technology – Speaker: Jay Nakamura Clark, Market Development Manager, Stellaromics

Join us to be one of the first to learn about Stellaromics 3D spatial biology technology. The Stellaromics Plexa system captures high resolution 3D multi-omic information from thick tissue samples with intact tissue architecture.

Plexa is based on the 3D spatial transcriptomic STARmap and spatial translatomics RIBOmap technologies. Applications include 3D cell mapping, multi-layer differential gene expression, therapeutic delivery analysis, organoid-based drug discovery, CRISPR optical screening, and much more!

For questions, please email jay.clark@stellaromics.com