Single Cell RNA-seq Data Analysis Workshops

Workshop Agenda Presentations Intro to Single Cell RNA-seq Data Analysis, Jenny Wu, PhD(PDF version)(Video version) Downstream Analysis of Single Cell RNA-seq Data, Jenny Wu, PhD(PDF version)(Video version) Tools on HPC3 and 10X Cloud for scRNA-seq Data Primary Processing, Ivan Chang, PhD(PDF version)(Video version) Part 1(Video version) Part 2

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Hands on Data Analysis Workshop

This workshop served as a summary of the techniques taught in the previous four workshops. Attendees brought their own projects/data/issuesInstruction by Jenny Wu, PhD and Ivan Chang, PhD

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Visum spatial intro slide

Spatial Transcriptomic Data Analysis with an Emphasis on 10x Genomics Visium

Workshop AgendaIntroduction to 10x Visium Spatial Platform Experimental Design and Workflow, Joshua Talboom, PhD♦ Video Version ♦ PDF versionVisium Data Analysis with 10x Proprietary Software and Open-source Software, Jenny Wu, PhD♦ Video Version ♦ PDF VersionAccessing Analytical Tools on HPC3 for Preprocessing, Ivan Chang, PhD♦ Video Version

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10x Genomics Workshop Series default image

10x Genomics Spatial Workshop Series – Three Sessions

Because cells reside within microenvironments, their functions are influenced by the network cells surrounding them, sending and receiving messages. Spatially resolved biology, including whole transcriptomic and targeted in situ methods, allows scientists to build a more complete view of cellular function in a morphological context, representing a paradigm shift in the study of biological systems.…

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Spatial Transcriptomic Data Analysis & Software

Genomics Research and Technology Hub (GRT Hub) Workshop Required: Personal laptop (Mac or Windows) and HPC3 account Instructors: Jenny Wu, PhD and Ivan Chang, PhD This workshop introduces data analysis workflow with both sequencing and imaging based spatial transcriptomics platforms, using 10x Visium and Xenium as examples. The topics included an overview of data quality…

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Bioinformatics & Computational Biology | R Programming

The Genomics Research and Technology Hub conducted a workshop on Computational Biology and R Programing. The GRT Hub is working with Eduard Mas, PhD, in the Fleischman laboratory, to bring you an introductory course in R. It will take you from start up to packages including graphical displays and beyond to package development. (This is…

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